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April Phillips

April Phillips writes, produces, directs and acts for theatre and film .  She is also a singer for stage and screen, 

Phillips has a Master's Degree in Scriptwriting from the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.    She is one of New Zealand's most licensed playwrights and her comedies and dramas are produced internationally.

April has received numerous national and international awards for her screenplays, films, theatre works and acting.  Click here to view list of awards.

As an Actress April has appeared in numerous television series and films.  She was part of the core cast of TV's satirical comedy "McPhail & Gadsby" for 2 years.  She remains a core member of acclaimed female comedy company "Hens' Teeth".  She has had roles in three Sir Peter Jackson films, a lead role in Alex Galvin's "Eternity" and played the role of the deranged school principal Miss King in KHF's TV comedy series "Girl Vs Boy 3".  Click here to see a list of acting roles.

April is an award-winning director and producer of stage shows and short films via her production company GODIVA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED (named after the Lady Godiva legend of her home town of Coventry, England).

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