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The critically acclaimed voyeuristic drama

8 people.  4 Rooms.  One night.


Nominated for Best Play SWANZ Awards 2013

"...surprising ...poignant

...each scene has twists, turns and unexpected outcomes."

- The Press


"a finely crafted script..." highly polished production..." - The Herald


"Smart, succinct and startling...a major coup."  - Theatrescenes


"Dramatic, comedic, honed, unexpected and sharp" - Theatreview


1 Cheap motel room

8 Ordinary people 

4 Extraordinary situations

There's something a bit creepy about backwater concrete block motels.  They feature regularly in horror movies.  Most people would rather not have to stay in one, but needs must.  Some people use them because they are out of the way.  Discretion.  Anonymity.  No accountability. 

People behave differently in hotels and motels.  Anonymity.  Rock stars trash them.  Movie stars overdose in them.  Gangsters die in them.  Politicians get caught in them.

They thought they were just passing through...

And you wonder "What's going on in that room next door?"  "What's that banging?"   "Who's shouting?"   Well here's your chance to take a look through the hole in the wall.  Watch ordinary people faced with extraordinary dilemmas.  Would you... could you... do what they do?  


Come be a fly on the wall... 

MOTEL had its professional premiere at The Basement Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand in 2013 to unanimously rave reviews.  The stellar cast included Cameron Rhodes, Kenneth Blackburn, Lorae Parry, Peter Hayden, Renee Sheridan, Coen Holloway, Leisha Ward-Knox, Ruth Dudding.  It was directed by Todd Rippon and produced by Cas'n'OVA Productions.   April Phillips has written a screen adaptation which is currently under option.


"Dramatic, comedic, honed, unexpected and sharp"


"Each vignette brings us to the edge.  One moment we're squirming in our seats, the next laughing in relief"


"Motel is a rich and enjoyable piece.  It's a treat to spend an evening with these characters, guiltily watching"



"a finely crafted script that serves up four vignettes on the unexpected encounters that can take place in the transient, anonymous and deeply revealing space of a cheap motel room"


... "a highly polished production that provides opportunities for a distinguished cast to get their teeth into a variety of meaty roles with a Kiwi flavour"


"sharply scripted dialogue..."



"Smart, succinct and startling"


"Phillips' writing is not just clever and succinct but manages to cover a huge gambit of themes, which include ambition, family, infidelity, loneliness, loss, love, mistrust and phobias, which is quite an achievement given the brevity of each of the pieces."


"Phillips' ability to take the audience on an emotional journey throughout the play was a major coup.  We laughed-out-loud, we cried and at times we even gasped.  These are great moments that we cherish in a memorable theatrical experience.  One that can only come from cleverly crafted writing that sets up storylines resulting in a powerful ultimate reveal."



"...a poignant glimpse into climactic moments within the lives of eight contrasting characters..."


"Phillips creates slick and honest dialogue, which often cuts right to the point and when it does the tension which transpires is breath-taking."


"captivating...magnetic...powerful...unforgettable..."  "Frequently funny and always engaging..."



"I came away feeling as though I had seen a broad span of life in its entirety"


"an electrifying scene that had me on the edge of my seat..."


"... each character is deeply and richly evoked..."  "each scene... have their own twists and turns, slow builds and climaxes".

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