GODIVA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is the production company of April Phillips and is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  The company is named after the legend of the city of Coventry where April was born.

Godiva Productions has produced:

"The Last Man on Earth" film

"R.E.M." film

"Big Business" film

"Jazz on Broadway" musical stage show

"Unforgettable" musical stage show

"Glory of Gershwin" musical stage show

"Blue Eyes" musical stage show

"Make A Wish" jazz album

"What I'd Do For You" song for charity

"Tempting Fate" album

"Killing Me Softly" stage play

Godiva Productions has co-produced:

"Utu Pihikete" film

"Letter for Hope" film

"A Rippon Good Night" stage benefit concert

"Unforgettable" album

"Fluxion" stage play

© 2017 Godiva Productions Limited              April Phillips               New Zealand                            info@aprilphillips.com

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