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Right and wrong isn't always black and white

A contemporary drama for 2 men and 2 women

Wally and Vera are a "salt of the earth" couple in their golden years. They have lived on the same street their entire lives. They have kept to themselves and led decent lives. Or have they?

A malicious attack on the old man results in two strangers entering their lives.

Strangers gradually unravel a long-held and shameful secret with devastating consequences.


What the strangers discover will disorient their own moral compasses and muddy the clarity of right and wrong.

The premiere production of BLIND EYE was by Cas'n'Ova Productions in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2016.  


“This well written, poignant play casts light on the different levels of love we have for one another – intense passionate love, love under stress or fading love.  It is superbly crafted and keeps you riveted …”  “Blind Eye has many hidden depths and nuances…”  “This is one of those rare plays that you need to see otherwise you’ll kick yourself.”

CAMBRIDGE REPERTORY SOCIETY review by Nancy Davies June 2018

"...well scripted drama Blind Eye which will shake your beliefs of right and wrong."

"The play was startling in its conclusions"

"This is a must see performance which will change your morals and your thoughts".

Director Mike Williams (Cambridge Repertory Society):

"I did hear some reactions to the bomb shells as they went off on stage... you could have heard a pin drop."

"When I first read it I literally didn't put it down... She'd (Phillips) been known for so many comedies... I thought, this has come from a totally different place for her, and it just captivated me".


"This is a play I will not forget"

"It is a well-scripted and meaty drama, leading to a startling conclusion that will have you debating your beliefs in what is morally right and wrong.  The powerful story evokes pathos, stirring the emotions and conscience, while nicely interspaced with gentle humour."

"Short scenes and a crisp pace maintained interest and as the plot thickened in the second half, tension built to a riveting climax".

"...few would have guessed the shocking truth that, thanks to a stellar performance by all the cast, would remain with all of us long after the curtain has closed".

KAPITI PLAYERS, Paraparaumu, NZ (Nov 2018) reviewed by Andrew London

"Blind Eye is a provocative work, illustrating once again that writers who tend naturally towards the comic can often be relied on to explore society’s darker side with great insight. This is an outstanding play from one of New Zealand’s greatest and most prolific playwrights, and to see it performed so well in our local theatre is a privilege."

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