Who would you trust to be mankind's last hope?

As a young television news reporter, Annie Harper covered the exciting story of “Evolution 2”; the vaccine that promised to eradicate all birth defects in an attempt to achieve genetic perfection.  Now, in the aftermath of a resultant global pandemic, Annie is a sole survivor who shelters in the devastatingly lonely spaces of the television studios, broadcasting a desperate message in the hope of finding other survivors.  Her enormous relief at discovering she’s not alone quickly becomes a new fight for life and she is forced to question what makes a human worthy of survival.  Who would you trust to be mankind’s last hope?





Filmed on location at Avalon TV & Film Studios, Wellington, New Zealand

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"...the conceptualization of the whole story and the integration of it through film was the work of a creative genius. I know many of us had already seen movies of human extinction and/or being cast away from the rest of the human race, but this one is different. It has a human touch. Director April Phillips tells more than just the story of someone being alone in the world..."

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