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The hit comedy

"Death & Taxe$" is a madcap financial farce set in the very topical world of insurance, investments and KiwiSaver!  It's a crime story.  It's a ghost story.  It’s a hilarious comedy featuring dodgy deals, a potty psychic, a fishy tax inspector, a nutty cop, murder, mayhem and a hairy Yak!


Gareth Burke, Destiny Life’s top agent for 3 years in a row, wants to win the trip to Hawaii and take gorgeous receptionist Tiffany with him.  But Lucille Potts, is determined to be the first female agent to top the sales figures and has a supernatural plan to ensure victory.  Before he can take the prize, Gareth must overcome the obstacles in his path - an over-bearing wife, a manic-depressive corporate motivator, the police, the Inland Revenue, and even his own untimely death.


From the writer of the international hit comedy “STiFF”, you’ll die laughing because the only certain things in life are Death & Taxe$!

By Natasha Mitchell, Tauranga

 “…side-splitting new farce”  “Death & Taxe$, Tauranga Repertory Society's latest production, should come with a health and safety warning: your cheek and stomach muscles will be sore after the show from laughing so much.


The 16th Avenue Theatre hosted the world premiere of Wellington playwright April Phillips' new play on August 13 and since then audiences have been chuckling themselves silly at this madcap financial farce set in the offices of Destiny Life Assurance.



By Roy Eagleson, Tauranga

“April Phillips' new play Death & Taxe$ opened to a tumultuous reception at 16th Avenue Theatre on Friday night.  While following a well tested formula, Phillips' new work twists and turns through a number of scenes until the final, unexpected denouement.”


“This comedy goes through various genres from thriller to farce.” … “I can heartily recommend this New Zealand comedy to audiences.”



By Dave Blanshard, Tauranga

“…the fast-paced show has the audience - if not rolling in the aisles - certainly laughing all the way.”  …  “A highly recommended night out for anybody needing a good dose of laughter.”


Whangarei Leader 6 March 2012

By Jo Belworthy

“Playwright April Phillips’ British comedy influences such as It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and Fawlty Towers are evident in the constant stream of one-liners that litter this brilliant comedy.  The laughter was loud and the tears were flowing with the cast perfectly moulded to their characters.”  “Death and Taxes is a script from heaven…”  “madcap farce is a laugh-a-minute romp…”



Advocate 8 March 2012

By Lindy Laird

“Delightful farce is a dead cert”.  “Death and Taxes highlights the writing talent of New Zealand playwrights”.  “The play has crowd-pleaser written all over it.”




By Kirsten Miller

“Packed full of clever quips and flippant one-liners the latest play from Theatre Whakatane is a fast moving comedy that could be set in any New Zealand office.  From the talented writer of STiFF, April Phillips, Death & Taxes is fresh, fun and delightfully engaging, with a line-up of colourful characters and a story that twists and turns towards its surprising and hilarious climax.



Wanganui Midweek Review by Paul Brooks

“Let me cut to the chase. April Phillips has written a funny play and River City Players delivered it nicely. I laughed and laughed and laughed. So did a lot of other people. We laughed at the one-liners; the beautifully timed and orchestrated facial expressions of the cast; the funny situations; the sometimes ludicrous antics on stage; and the random directions of the plot. We laughed at the characters and the actors’ interpretations of them and we laughed at the sometimes slapstick diversions that came out of nowhere.”

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