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In a dystopian future life is cheap and meat is an unaffordable and rare delicacy.  To stay in her ambitious husband’s favour, Marcie must use her brutal ghetto origins to survive the market for meat.

"Rare" is an unproduced horror short film screenplay.  


In 2017 it made it to the semi-finals of the prestigious international BlueCat ScreenPlay Competition.  

The reader commented:

"The story is very complex and compelling. There’s a lot of interpretations that could be made from this story. The story is so rich (pun unintended) and it works to engage the audience completely. ...The story takes common themes and conflicts to a dangerous level, revealing the depth of human nature....The story works. "

An earlier version of this screenplay made it to the top 10% in the shorts category of the same competition in 2015. 


The reader commented:

“This is a very dark tale with a grim view of this dystopian future. It almost sets the tone of The Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift.”

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